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We are your Full Service people management partners, assisting you with human resources and health & safety, workplace investigations, training, coaching and other HR and Safety Resources through services provided on-call (on-demand), on-site (at your location) or as a fully cycle HR client monthly plan!

We partner with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that help solve their most complicated needs through the life-cycle of your employees, as your in-house HR department. The Beyond Rewards team of Senior HR Consultants and HR Generalists are geared to support small to medium and start-up businesses to succeed in helping grow your business with a combined 60+ years of HR Consulting Experience.

Beyond Rewards team also supports existing HR Departments with projects such as compensation reviews, coaching, training, benefits, workplace investigations, and independent projects. 


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Our training workshops and courses will engage your managers, supervisors and staff while teaching them practical skills and knowledge that they can immediately apply. We provide our training onsite at our location, your location or remotely through teams.

Attention: We provide Psychological Health & Safety Training as well as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, New Manager/Supervisor Training and a multitude of other customized training programs.



Lynne Bard - The HR Coach specializes in mentoring and coaching leaders in the organization to assist them in their roles. 


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Beyond Rewards HR is your 911 call for all your Safety, HR and AODA needs, providing outsourced solutions. Third party harassment investigations by qualified HR Professionals with a full suite of HR, Safety and Training solutions to assist you in meeting your compliance orders: cost-effectively and on time

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Workplace Investigations

Harassment investigations often require a 3rd party investigation team. Beyond Rewards provides 3rd party investigation services. We have licensed Private Investigators and Senior HR investigators on our team. We can also be your 3rd party as identified in your Harassment Policy.


HR Support

Our experienced Human Resources team at Beyond Rewards HR can assist your business with starting the life cycle, onboarding of your new team members, integration into your organization and all the day-to-day human resources tasks required to operate your business. We are your in-house HR department!


Assessments Centre

Through the use of assessment tools, individuals, groups and organizations can develop a better understanding of individuals in an organization, relationships in our lives, in a group or division or sector we work in, our private lives and about oneself. We welcome you to view our complete Psychometric Assessments and Disc tools available to you. For information call and speak to one of our qualified consultants.


Beyond Rewards offers a wide range of professional Senior HR solutions that can be tailored to your needs from succession planning, Senior HR Consulting, Compensation Review, Human Rights Case Support, Assessments, Outplacement Coaching, Training, Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching and many more!

 Pandemic and Business Continuity

Beyond Rewards has the expertise and guidance to help you with your infectious disease program and safe work practices as required by law to be open. Beyond Rewards can develop your Pandemic and Business Continuity plan or provide our toolkit to help you develop it yourself. 

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