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Work Personality Index ™

The WPI provides a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. The WPI measures 17 personality traits that research has shown are related to work performance. These traits indicate how individuals work with others, approach their tasks, solve problems, manage change, and deal with stress. Outlining the person’s job-related strengths and identifying areas of weaknesses, the WPI is useful for training and development or personnel selection.  

Leadership Potential Report *new*

 The Work Personality Index® Leadership Potential report describes 21 key traits of your personal style that will influence your performance in your role as a leader. Understanding these qualities will help you understand the strengths that you can harness and where you may need further development or support.

WPI Leadership Potential Sample Report

Career Transition Report 

 Provides insight into an individual's personality traits, the kinds of work they enjoy, and how they can manage career change. It describes an individual's work style, their approach to solving problems, managing change, and dealing with stress. The report provides exercises to help people understand their work strengths and develop a plan for changing careers. 

WPI Career Transition Sample Report   

Personal Effectiveness Report 

 Designed for personal development, team building, and coaching. It describes an individual's preferences and strengths; and suggests techniques for increasing effectiveness in work settings. The report describes how an individual works with others, approaches tasks, solves problems, manages change, and deals with stress. 

WPI Personal Effectiveness Sample Report   

Job Match Report 

 Matching people with jobs has never been easier. Our convenient and flexible system allows you to customize the WPI for different occupations in your organization. First, you specify the personality characteristics necessary for effective job performance in a specific occupation by completing a Trait Specification Form. Second, a profile for the occupation is created called a Job Match Profile. The Job Match System then provides you with a Job Match Report describing your candidate's overall fit. 

WPI Job Match Guide Sample Report 

WPI Job Match Profile Sample Report   

Trait Specification Form 

 The WPI Trait Specification Form is designed to help organizations identify the personal characteristics that are important for effective performance in a specific job. It is described in the WPI Job Match Guidance booklet. 

WPI Trait Specification Form   

Trait Survey 

 The WPI Trait Survey is designed to help organizations identify the personal characteristics that are important for effective performance in a specific job. On this survey you are asked to identify the personality traits that candidates should have in order to be successful on the job. You have been asked to complete this survey because of your knowledge about the specified position, and what is required for successful performance of the tasks involved. This information will be used by the WPI Job Match System to create a job profile that will guide future personnel selection for the position. 

WPI Trait Survey   

Leadership Competency Report 

 Designed as a tool for professional growth. This report describes key features of an individual’s personal style that influence their approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing leadership effectiveness and highlights the competencies generally associated with each personality trait. 

WPI Leadership Competency Sample Report   

Select Report 

 Designed to guide personnel selection decisions. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's typical work behavior. A convenient one-page profile and six pages of narrative report, ensures you receive a thorough description of a candidate's approach work. 

WPI Select Report

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