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At Beyond Rewards HR, our highly qualified team of professionals offer a wide range of cutting-edge training and development for all your organizational needs. We offer an extensive list of available learning modules to suit your individual training needs including online classroom and on-site training.

From conception to completion, our consultants design programs around our client's needs, deliver them face-to-face, online via zoom or teams and can host on our training website for ease of access. 

Beyond Rewards offers a diverse range of training programs for your workplace leaders - Supervisors, Managers, Staff and Volunteers.

Training covers Human Resources, Health and Safety, Wellness, Communications, Corporate Legislative, Policy, General Business Practices and Self Development Workshops and Courses.

Our training workshops and courses will engage your managers, supervisors and staff while teaching them practical skills and knowledge that they can immediately apply.

A few of the more popular training programs we offer are (for a detailed list, check out our training directory):  

Benefits of training and development include:

  • Improved employee retention and decreased hiring expenses
  • Increases in productivity of 17% to 24%
  • Increased confidence in management, supervisors and staff
  • Record setting performance of corporate goals
  • Enhanced communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills
  • Increased ability to cope with, adapt to, and learn from a rapidly changing environment

Client Testimonial
“Lynne, thank you very much for being so accommodating. The information presented really helped us set the stage for our work as a new Senior Management Team. It was also helpful to hear your confidence that we are good mix coming together for this purpose….and will make a strong team.. thank you, once again." North Wellington Health Care

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