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Pandemic and Business Continuity

Business Continuity 

A corporate continuity plan is more than just disaster recovery. It is the ability for business continuance even in the wake of a disaster. Technology is only one part of the equation in the risk factor. Employees, sales and clients are also factors. 

The development of a business continuity plan is critical to the success of any business. Beyond Rewards works to evaluate potential weaknesses and plans alongside the organization, how to effectively deal with what could possibly go wrong, and thus strengthening any shortcomings. 

Pandemic Planning 

It is the obligation of business leaders to perform due diligence and exercise due care in running their organizations. This includes readying the organization for business interruptions, absenteeism, supply issues and other consequences.

When it comes to preparing your business for pandemics, our expert HR consultants will work with you to understand your human resource and business concerns, and will assist you in developing a plan customized to your organization. Beyond Rewards works to identify your organization’s needs by conducting a gap analyses, and policies and procedures to alleviate and control any possible effects of a pandemic.

Emergency Management

As storms become more extreme, increased threats exists. Without an emergency response or emergency action plan, your business will not as easily be able to survive or revive after a natural disaster occurs.

Emergencies and disasters can occur anytime, anyplace without warning. By being prepared, you will be better able to act, minimizing the panic and confusion in the emergency situation and protect your workers. Emergencies and disasters influenced by outside sources such as weather activities or other uncontrollable need to be addressed in your action planning process to ensure the safety of your workers and the continuance of your business

Risk Management

Not being prepared for a pandemic or other catastrophic event such as floods, fires, devastating storms, or the illness of key employees, can jeopardize the ability of an organization to continue operations and threaten the company’s mere existence.

Does your organization have a plan in place? If so, are your staff aware of it and properly trained?

At Beyond Rewards, we will assist you in improving performance through the analysis of existing business problems and the development of future plans and strategies.