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Management Resources

CONNECTING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE RESOURCES YOU NEED—allowing you to work the business the way you’d like to.

 Have employee issues?  Need to hire new staff?  Have an employee you need to terminate?  Do you have a supervisor who needs coaching to be a better leader? 

As a full-service Human Resource & Health & Safety on-call and on-site consulting firm, Beyond Rewards partners with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs.  Our services are tailored solutions specifically to help small to medium sized businesses that haven’t reached the point of needing a fulltime HR Professional on staff.  Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, our Consulting goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow business. 

Beyond Rewards experienced human resources team can assist you from Recruitment of your new team members, right through the staffing life cycle, help to integrate them into your organization and assist you with the day to day human resources tasks such as employee issues, benefits management, union negotiations and relations, training, policy development, and outplacement services that eat up a good 40% of your day. 

  • HR ON-SITE  -  We are your HR Department
  • HR ON-CALL -  We are your HR Department
  • Recruitment Services
  • Policy  & Procedures Development
  • Compensation Reviews
  • Senior HR Consulting
  • Union Negotiations/Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Onboarding (orientation)
  • Outplacement Services  (terminations)
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • EFAP & Benefit Management  Assistance
  • Coaching & Mentoring