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Workplace Investigations

Anytime a complaint of harassment, discrimination or other potential legal violation is received, it must investigated. It is your duty!

Harassment investigations often require a 3rd party investigation team. Beyond Rewards provides 3rd party investigation services. We have licensed Private Investigators and Senior HR investigators on our team. We can also be your 3rd party as identified in your Harassment Policy.


Bill 132 and what it means:

Bill 132 specifies that employers have a duty to investigate incidents/complaints of harassment. While this does not mean that every complaint should go through a week-long investigation (Bill 132 speaks of investigations that are “appropriate in the circumstances”), it does mean that employers must look into and deal with all complaints – even those that may seem, at first glance, as minor or trivial. An MOL Inspector can order a 3rd Party Investigation


Workplace Investigations Criteria for 3rd Party Investigators:

Beyond Rewards Inc. have qualified Senior HR Consultants and Licensed Private Investigators to conduct your workplace investigations. Special Insurance provisions must be held by the supporting firm that conducts your investigations with Errors and Omissions and General Liability Insurance that is specific to Investigations in Ontario. Beyond Rewards meets these criteria.