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Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) assessment measures your clients’ interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. Composed of 317 items, it provides results on 6 General Occupational Themes (RIASEC), 25 Basic Interest Scales, 211 Occupational Scales (109 contemporary occupations), and 4 Personal Style Scales. Using the family of Strong products, you can help your clients plan each step along their career path with one goal in mind: to match their interests with satisfying careers. The Strong is an essential resource for any professional who helps people make career decisions, including people considering a career change, employees seeking more satisfying work within an organization, students exploring career options, organizations looking to retain star performers and key staff, and midlife and older adults planning their retirement.


Profile and Interpretive Report

This revised report zeros in on the top 10 occupations potentially most satisfying to your client, providing specifics on the typical work tasks associated with each job and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success.

Sample of Profile and Interpretive Report 2005

Sample of Profile and Interpretive Report 2008

Sample of Profile and Interpretive Report 2012

Strong and MBTI® Career Report

Updated and better than ever, this report integrates the General Occupational Themes, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales with MBTI assessment results for a comprehensive career development package.

Sample of Strong and MBTI Career Report 1994

Sample of Strong and MBTI Career Report 2004

Sample of Strong and MBTI Career Report 2008

Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile

The Skills Confidence Inventory is a key tool for exploring how self-assurance may be influencing your client’s occupational, educational, or leisure choices. Linked to the six general occupational themes, this report provides graphic results of how your client’s interests compare to his/her level of confidence in performing certain activities.

Sample of Profile with College Profile & Skills Confidence Inventory Profile

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