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Outsourced Services

Beyond Rewards offers a wide array of Human Resource Services to meet all our clients' needs, from recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee relations, coaching, training, policy & procedure development, government compliance (healthy and safety, pay equity, employment law) and more. Outlined below are a few of the services we can provide you.

Human Resource Solutions:

The highly regulated changes in business today require much more involvement with provincial and federal regulations. Many companies do not have the funds available to hire a full-time HR professional, leaving them vulnerable to legal problems. A professional HR Consultant can advise your organization on proper processes and procedures based on provincial and federal laws. A professional HR Consultant can guide you through all your Human Resource needs and issues in a timely manner.

HR Outsourced:

Outsourcing your Human Resource processes to Beyond Rewards is a practical business move. It enables you to reduce risk and reallocate resources to concentrate on your core business. We provide efficient, knowledgeable and effective Human Resource Outsourcing at considerably less cost than maintaining your own Human Resource Department.

HR outsourcing helps organizations focus their internal resources towards doing what they do best, while simultaneously helping to control the bottom lines. HR outsourcing enables cost and time efficiencies and provides up to date knowledge over human resource strategies.

Our mission is to provide our clients with Human Resource expertise from qualified Human Resource Professionals. We will develop Human Resource Outsourcing solutions that fit your company's unique needs and individual culture.

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Beyond Rewards is your 911 call for all things HR, Safety and Coaching. Going Beyond the Basics for your Business Needs!

Policy Development:

We will assist you in the development of employee policies, company policies, and quality program and procedure development. Based on government legislative requirements and your company's cultural needs, we will create policies that are easy and clear for your employees to understand and follow.

Training & Development:

From conception to completion, our consultants design programs around our client's needs. We offer training programs on Team Building, Time Management, Supervisory Skills, Coaching Skills, Hiring for Success, and many more, all designed to meet your current and future needs.
Beyond Rewards offers both in class, and online training presentations for your convenience.

Compliance Assistance:

Government Legislative requirements are always changing and it can be daunting trying to keep up with them all. Beyond Rewards can assist you with this by being your resource for any changes assisting with employee issues and requirements under the law, no matter what your industry or sector.


Human Resource Services that Beyond Rewards can assist your organization with are, but not limited to:

Small Business HR-On-Call and On-Site Services

Taking care of your human resources is our number 1 priority!

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