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D.I.Y. Health and Safety Automotive Industry Tool Kits

Safety is always on our minds as business owners but time is often limited. Although we feel we run a safe shop; a safe organization; have a safe environment and that safety should be common sense, the Ministry of Labour requirems us to meet legislative requirements at the bare minimum. To assist you with compliance in meeting your obligations Beyond Rewards has developed a toolkit with specific training and tools for your sector. The toolkit includes customizable templates for policies, procedures, programs, monthly audits, training and more.

Included with these toolkits are two hours of phone support and a reduced rate for on-site assistance.

D.I.Y. Health and Safety Automotive Industry Tool Kits includes:

  1. Instructions on Compliance Regulations for completing the forms/policies
  2. Step by Step Checklists
  3. Sample Policies, Procedures and Forms (in Word format): H&S; Violence & Harassment & Investigation Procedures; Return to Work; Right to Refuse; H&S Rep; Emergency Procedures; and more
  4. Training - WHMIS, Bill 168, Health and Safety
  5. 2 hours of phone support
  6. Reduced Rate for Additional Support

You can purchase the D.I.Y. Health and Safety Automotive Industry Toolkits ONLINE or fax the order form.