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Risk Management

At Beyond Rewards we will assist you in improving performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans and strategies. Our services range from Disaster Recovery Planning, Pandemic Planning and Emergency Preparedness Planning to Retention Strategies, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching.

Retention Strategies: "While many organizations are already feeling the pinch of higher workforce turnover, a greater number of firms see a more challenging environment in the near future. Forty-five percent of firms characterize retaining workers today as a high or very high challenge. However, fifty-five percent of firms predict that workforce retention will be a high to very high challenge in the coming five years, Monster - Retention Strategies for 2006 and Beyond" Can you afford high turnover? Let us assist you with your retention strategies.

Succession Planning: Succession Planning is more than who will replace who, it's about the health of the organization, the processes and the people in it. Succession Planning involves looking at every aspect of the organization and planning, making changes and yes upsetting the apple cart in some instances. But it is all good! By strategically assessing, planning and making changes to create a healthy, productive and successful environment, you are in essence growing your business to be the best it can be while planning for its future outside of revenues and market position; you are building a place where others enjoy coming to work, where clients want to do business, that will live on past your time in the organization.

Executive Coaching: One-on-one, confidential coaching for senior professionals and executives to enhance organizational performance, organizational development and communications, to increase your value to yourself and your organization, to walk the talk (and deal with those who don't), to deal with difficult people and situations, to have a sounding board, to strategize your personal development, to have a reserve of time, energy and money, to experience fulfillment and success, and much more.

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