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Beyond Rewards is introducing the Hr On-Call for small businesses.

Program A - Small Business Support [fewer than 20 employees] with one point of contact:

  • Unlimited phone calls for HR Support Questions between the hours of 830 a.m. and 430 pm. addressing such things as: General Human Resources, Health and Safety, AODA—Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act


¨ A compliant Contract of Employment

¨ A compliant Health & Safety Policy Statement

¨ Guidebooks

¨ A guidebook on recruitment available upon re-quest

¨ Access to documents, letters and templates

¨ One online training module–HR for the Non-HR Manager

¨ Preferred rates for human resources and health & safety consultancy at a Discount dependant on project of an additional 5% in addition to the 10% Chamber Discount)

¨ Monthly Newsletter of Legislative Updates

¨ Discounted rates for Training online and work-shops

New Members to this program will receive a $200.00 gift certificate towards a workplace health and safety audit.

A program is also available for organizations with less than 50 employees.

For more information, please contact us.

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Careers At Beyond Rewards Inc.

Beyond Rewards Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and sound business focused solutions to our clients. We are able to do this thanks to the commitment, talent and integrity of our employees. For their tireless efforts, we offer all members of the Beyond Rewards team superior working conditions, the opportunity for continuous learning and professional development, and an exciting career filled with possibilities.

Our approach is unique in many ways:

  • Where ever you are working – province or community, you will be given the knowledge and tools you need to respond to local needs.
  • It encourages you to broaden your horizons, by working with people from many different business sectors in the course of your career.
  • It gives you the chance to develop skills that will enable you to move to different areas of the business.
  • It promotes a common set of values that engender a Beyond Rewards culture and spirit you will experience wherever you work for us.
  • It is based on "on the job" training given by Beyond Rewards team members, not solely professional trainers.

The chance to grow
When you work at Beyond Rewards Inc., you are part of our team - a team that wants to see you thrive as an individual. That may seem a challenge at a company as small as Beyond Rewards, but it is a reality. By allowing our divisions to operate individually as we grow, they will continue to maintain a small company atmosphere. This enables people to develop new skills and evolve existing skill sets while benefiting from over 20 years of business experience. No matter what your job is, Beyond Rewards Inc. provides an opportunity for you to push your limits.

One thing you can count on while working within any Beyond Rewards Inc. division is an environment that fosters innovation and cooperation. Those are the natural by-products of our core values: leadership, integrity, respect, courage, the passion to win and continuous improvement. By committing to those ideals and our employees’ long-term success, we aim to be leaders in the human resource, management, health, wellness and safety business.

Cooperation and respect
Our business culture is rooted in the simple idea that employees should feel involved. Involvement motivates, increases job satisfaction and contributes to personal growth. By leaving the lines of communication open and by maintaining a flat flexible management structure, Beyond Rewards makes it easy for employees to immerse themselves in the company and have their ideas and feedback heard. Getting the job done is important to us, but getting the job done right is worth much more. For that reason, Beyond Rewards not only evaluates team members by whether or not they achieve their performance goals, but by how they achieve them as well. This encourages a respectful, team-oriented atmosphere that employees can be proud to be associated with.

If you want to be part of a high-performance, socially responsible company that's committed to people, quality, action, and a high level of communication, you have found it in Beyond Rewards Inc.

Please forward resumes to recruit@beyondrewards.ca or

Upload Resume: (DOC & PDF only)

Thank you for your interest in a career at Beyond Rewards!

Commissioned Sales Representative for various regions in Southern Ontario
Volunteer Positions
Coop Placement for Website Design – Spring 2013
Internship for HR/Environmental Health and Safety - Spring 2013

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