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The Beyond Rewards Team of H&S and Ergonomic Experts will assess the setup of desks, workstations; how individuals sit/stand/bend/lift and process tasks at their workstations/desks by providing solutions for both physical setup as well as process of tasks that will assist in the reduction or elimination of MSD issues in the workplace.

Ergonomics is the science of matching the job to the worker and the product to the user.

Workstation Setup:
No matter the industry, workstation setup is critical to the health of your employee to assist in eliminating muscular skeletal disorders such as carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, back pain and more!

Through partnerships with Canadian manufacturers and suppliers, the Beyond Rewards team is able to provide cost effective solutions to revamping your existing workstation setup to allow for a more ergonomic, healthy and productive workspace for your employees.

Getting Started:
Call or email Beyond Rewards today to discuss how to get started on the road to creating a healthy, productive workplace for your employees.

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