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Through the use of assessment tools, individuals, groups and organizations can develop a better understanding of individuals in the organization,relationships in our lives in the group or division or sector we work in, our private lives and about ones self.

Assessments such as the WPI are excellent recruitment tools, as they can be customized to the competencies required for the workplace position you are recruiting for.

Assessments such as the NEW WorkSafe Predictor can be used to identify understanding of safe workpractices and more.

Assessments such as Psychometrics 360 are amazing Performance Management tools.

Also available upon request is the DISC Profiles. For more information contact us.

Beyond Rewards Assessment tools range from personality type testing, recruitment tools to performance tools.

All assessments are Administered by qualified Psychometrics trained professionals.

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Myers-Briggs Certified

"Lynne, thank you very much for being so accommodating. The information presented really helped us set the stage for our work as a new Senior Management Team. It was also helpful to hear your confidence that we are good mix coming together for this purpose... and will make a strong team. Thank you, once again." North Wellington Health Care