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Learning Styles Index
Help your clients become more effective learners

The Learning Styles Index summarizes the learning environment that energizes your clients, how they gather and use information, their approach to receiving feedback and making decisions, and how they organize and manage their time. Being aware of how they learn will help them become more effective learners.

Most individuals develop a preference for some learning styles and avoid using others. To engage in effective learning, your clients must become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and when it may be more effective to use an alternative style to reach their objectives. The Learning Styles Index report will help them discover their preferred learning style, helping them achieve their best results.

Use For: Individual Development
Time: 15 minutes
Items: 56
Scoring: (online)

Sample Report 6 pagessample report
The Learning Styles Index report examines four pairs of preferences and highlights aspects that will help your client better understand their learning style. In addition, it aids your client in appreciating how their style might differ from that of others. The report comes with tips and strategies for each preference.